Help Conserve Moisture and Prevent Weed Growth

We provide mulch installation services in Fosters and Tuscaloosa, AL

Weeds and moisture can destroy any yard at a rapid rate. Rather than risk your lawn's health, turn to Globetti's Lawn Care instead. We offer mulch and pine straw installation services in the Fosters and Tuscaloosa, AL areas. Not only will the health of your lawn improve, but your curb appeal will also improve. That's why our pine straw and mulch installation services are a favorite among locals.

What are the benefits of mulch and pine straw?

As basic as mulch and pine straw are, there are many benefits to having either or both in your landscape. Hiring us for pine straw and mulch installation services can help:

  • Protect your plants against temperature changes
  • Prevent weed growth, soil compaction and erosion
  • Reduce the amount of water that evaporates from the soil
Take the health of your yard seriously. Call us today to schedule mulch or pine straw installation services.