Can't Seed Certain Parts of Your Lawn?

Look into sod installation services in Fosters or Tuscaloosa, AL

Some parts of your lawn may seem impossible to seed, so it's best to consult a professional about what to do. That's why you need Globetti's Lawn Care by your side. We can provide sod installation services to solve your yard seeding issue in the Fosters or Tuscaloosa, AL areas. Our professional sod installers will prep and grade everything to create a smooth plane without leaving bumps.

Our process for installing sod

Without the proper knowledge, installing sod on your own is almost impossible. Luckily, our professional sod installers can do it all for you. The simple process we follow involves:

  • Buying and adding the topsoil
  • Grading the soil for proper drainage
  • Ordering 450 square feet of sod on a pallet
  • Cutting the sod down to your specifications
  • Piecing everything together to form the lawn
With sod, you can stop worrying about seeding your lawn. Call today to schedule sod installation services with us.